EE457 - Summer 2017 Computer Systems Organization

Welcome to EE457 (7-week session)

This course covers computer organization and design. It provides CS/CE/EE students a substantial understanding of a CPU at its logic design level. Design of the control unit and the data path unit of a simple multi-clock-cycle CPU and a pipelined CPU is covered in detail. Hardware support for exceptions, dynamic scheduling of instructions (Tomasulo algorithm to execute instructions in an out-of-order fashion), and branch prediction are also discussed. Computer arithmetic and memory hierarchies (cache, main memory, virtual memory) are also covered. Hardware-software interface is discussed. Students design in Verilog and use ModelSim simulator to verify their design/simulation exercises.

At the end of the course, students are expected to feel confident to perform logic design of a CPU or any hardware system utilizing pipelining and other RTL techniques and proceed to graduate courses in computer architecture or general hardware design.