EE457 - Summer 2017 Computer Systems Organization

Lab 1

See Assignments Page


Read the lab 1 handout


In teams of 2: - Complete all 6 state diagrams - Complete the Verilog implementation and testing for only Part 1, Part 3 Method 1, Part 3 and Method 3

Individually - Answer Questions 1 and 2 ( answers should be unique for every individual...don't work in groups )

The skeleton implementation files are located here:

If you are working on your Unix account you can extract the files and then FTP them to your aludra account via FileZilla or other SFTP tool available from USC.


Submit your code as a SINGLE .ZIP file (not .bz2, not .gz, not .tar but zip). You can do an Internet search to see about how to create a zip file from the command line or with 3rd party tools like 7-Zip. Your zip file should be named and contain:

Each individual should submit their .zip file on the EE 457 DEN Desire2Learn site in the Lab 1 dropbox under the Lab Submission Folder/Section. For hard copy forms, I would please submit a file named answers.txt or answers.pdf in your .zip file containing the diagrams and answers.