EE209 - Spring 2017 Foundations of Digital System Design


You will have roughly 7 homeworks. Most of these assignments will be auto-graded and you will have to enter your answers on Blackboard.

For detailed information on late submission policies, grace periods, and similar questions about assignments, check the syllabus.

HW Schedule

HW Topic Due Date Solution
HW00 Digital Design Overview Due on 1/15 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard) None
HW01 Decoders and Muxes HW1a due 1/25 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard)
HW1b due 1/25 in class (paper submission)
HW02 Logic Function Synthesis Due 2/7 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard) Link
HW03 State Machine Design Due on 2/16 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard) Link
Xilinx Project
Datapath Components Due on 3/7 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard) Link
HW05 Function Synthesis and Sequential Building Blocks Due on Sunday 4/2 @ 11:59 PM (on Blackboard) Link
HW06 Physical Implementation Due on Wed. 4/19 (in class) Link