EE109 – Spring 2017 Introduction to Embedded Systems

EE109 – Spring 2017: Introduction to Embedded Systems



All labs must be demoed in your registered lab no later than 1 week after it is assigned. Reports and code files must be submitted online by 11:59 PM of the Wednesday 1 week after the lab is assigned.

Note: Coding labs will be worth 20 points each. The distribution of points will be listed in the grading rubric included with the lab handout.

Lab Due Date Handout/Topic Files to Download Notes and Other Links Submission
Lab 0 1/18 Installing the Arduino Toolchain (Zip file containing ee109.c and Makefile) Blackboard (Navigate to EE109..
and find the submission form
Lab 1 1/25 Electronic Circuits (Zip file containing lab1.c, Makefile and Lab1_Answers.txt) Watch this video before attending Due 1/25, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 2 2/1 Oscilloscopes and the Arduino Uno Zip file with lab2.c, Makefile, test.hex and Lab2_Answers.txt.
Download the Zip file to the left corresponding to the last digit of your USCid number. For example if your USCid ends in 4 or 5, download Due 2/1, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 3 2/8 Digital I/O and Visual Morse Code template3.c [Link to Arduino Digital I/O Slides] Due 2/8, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 4 2/15 ADC template4.c [Link to ADC Lecture Slides]
Notes on using the ADC module
Due 2/15, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 5 2/22 LCD Zip file with lab5.c, Makefile and test.hex [Link to LCD Lecture Slides] Due 2/22, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 6 3/8 LCD None [Link to LCD Lecture Slides] Due 3/8, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 7 3/22 Stopwatch None [Link to Timers Lecture Slides] Due 3/22, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 8 3/29
(No Demo...just submit)
Number Conversion (MIPS Assembly) num_conv1.asm Skeleton
MARS download

Due 3/29, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 9 4/5 Rotary Encoders lab9.c [Link to Rotary Encoders Lecture Slides] Due 4/5, Submit on Vocareum
Lab 10 4/12 Pulse Width Modulation None [Link to PWM Lecture Slides] Due 4/12, Submit on Vocareum
Project 5/2 Project Description
Grading Rubric (Contains ds1631.o and ds1631.h) Viewing I2C and RS-232 data on the scopes Due 5/3, Submit on Vocareum
Labs below this point have not yet been assigned and material is not available.


Homeworks are due at 11:59 PM via Blackboard on the indicated date unless otherwise noted. Only your LAST submission will be used for your grade...not your HIGHEST submission.

Number Due HW Handout Link Solutions
HW1 1/20 Circuits Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW2 1/27 Binary Systems Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW3 2/10 Bit Twiddling and Digital I/O Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW4 2/24 MIPS Instruction Set Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW5 4/7 MIPS Branches and Subroutines Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW6 4/21 Floating Point Take on Blackboard Solutions
HW below this line are still tentative.