CSCI 350 - Summer 2017 Operating Systems

You must use the virtual machine (VM) specifically provided for this class. You can install it on your laptop regardless of your operating system, and use it for the entire semester. We will grade everything on this VM's compiler version and environment so it is critical you check your code on this system before submitting.

Read This First

Installation instructions

  1. Be sure you have a Github account and configured your profile appropriately. See the instructions here.
  2. Ensure you have let us know about your Github Account by filling out this form.
  3. To run this virtual machine you will need to download Oracle VirtualBox.
  4. After installing VirtualBox, download and install the extension pack, available on the same downloads page
  5. Next download the virtual machine image. We recommend using 'curl' which is already installed on Mac and Linux machines. (A Windows version is available here. curl is a command line utility to download files from the Internet. Go to a folder where you want to download the file and start a command prompt (Windows) or Terminal there. Then run the command

curl -o csci350.ova

VM Setup

  1. Follow the instructions indicated at this link for setting up your VM
  2. If you encounter errors starting your VM go to the Troubleshooting Section and then resume these directions.

Do’s and Don’ts


In this section, we briefly go over common problems with VirtualBox and Ubuntu.