CSCI 104 - Fall 2017 Data Structures and Object Oriented Design

Before Your First Lab

Create a Github account

If you have not created a Github account yet, follow the instructions in this section. If you already have a Github account and you wish to use it for this course, you can skip to the next section.

We will be using git extensively this semester in labs and in programming assignments. Github is a development ecosystem based around git. In CS 104, we will be using Github to host our git repositories and we will take advantage of other GitHub features such as the issue tracker and wiki.

We start by visiting Github's sign-up page. You are free to choose your username and does not necessarily need to match your USCNet account. Your email, however, should be your USC e-mail address.

You will be sent an email to verify your email address. Do that before proceeding.

Setup your Github Account

Follow these instructions

Let us know your Github username and other necessary info.

You must now fill out this form.

Once you have submitted that form, you are now done...See you in lab!