CSCI 104 - Spring 2018 Data Structures and Object Oriented Design

Lab sessions are held every week and will be conducted by a team of TAs and Course Producers. Labs are designed to provide you with basic knowledge and assistance in using the development tools you need to practice the use of data structures.

Lab Rules

  1. You are to attend that lab you are registered for. Attending earlier or later labs is not allowed without explicit permission from your lab instructor.

Lab Schedule

This schedule may be changed somewhat over the course of the semester. The lab notes as written currently are based on a previous iteration of the class, and may change somewhat. Consider them authoritative after the corresponding week of class.

Week # Lab Handout Topic
01 Lab 00
Lab 01
Git Registration; Git Tutorial; Course VM
02 Lab 02 GDB
03 Lab 03 Deque, Coding Practice
04 Lab 04 Makefiles
05 Lab 05 Unit Testing, Google Test
06 Lab 06 Destructors, Copy Constructors, Operator Overloading
07 Lab 07 Inheritance, Exceptions
08 Lab 08 STL, Iterators
09 Lab 09 Templates, Iterators
10 Lab 10 Graph
11 Lab 11 Backtracking
12 Lab 12 Graph Algorithm
13 Lab 13 Binary Search Trees
14 Lab 14 Hashtables
15 Lab 15 Final Review