CS103 Spring 2017 Introduction to Programming

CS103 Spring 2017: Introduction to Programming



Attendance at lecture is strongly recommended, though not worth grade credit. Attend only the lecture you are registered in (otherwise we will run out of seats). If you must miss a lecture for urgent reasons, feel free to attend a different one that week.

Time Place Instructor
29920 Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-10:50AM LVL 17 Prof. Goodney
29902 Tuesday, Thursday 11:00AM-12:20PM SOS B46 Prof. Goodney
29906 Tuesday, Thursday 2:00-3:20PM THH 212 Prof. Goodney


During your assigned lab section, you will demonstrate your solution to the lab for that week. Do not attend a lab section other than your own, unless you have advance permission from the instructor. Labs cannot be submitted late. The only exception is that you may demonstrate your solution earlier in the week at a TA or CP's office hours (see the syllabus).

Time Place CPs/TAs
30055 Friday 10-11:50AM SAL 126 Sampurna Basu, Zhenyang Zhong, Justine Foote, Rachel Alexander, Danny Pan
29904 Friday 12-1:50PM SAL 127 Jennifer Zheng, Jerry Tsui, Alex Leung, Andy Gu, Jason Wang
30374 Friday 12-1:50PM SAL 126 Zhenyang Zhong, Terence Zhang, Jamila Abu-Omar, Cherrie Wang, Danny Pan (12-1)
29903 Friday 2-3:50PM SAL 109 Andrew Chen, Jamila Abu-Omar, Michail Misyrlis, Jennifer Zheng, Andy Gu (2-3)
30120 Friday 4-5:50PM SAL 126 Nicholas Truong, Abdulla Alwabel (4-5), Catherine Chung (4-5)
30054 Friday 5-6:50PM SAL 109* Adam Moffitt, Andrew Chen, Michail Misyrlis (5-6)
30121 Friday 5-6:50PM SAL 127* Catherine Chung, Abdulla Alwabel, Christine Chen

*The two 5-6:50PM labs will also meet in SAL 126


The Quiz section (29900) is Thursday 7:00-8:50PM. You do not need to attend it except during special weeks. It will definitely be used for:

  1. Written midterm
  2. Programming midterm
  3. Programming repêchage

See the syllabus for more information.

The quiz section might also be used for optional guest lectures or help sessions.